“You must go there.  You must go to Paris, and you must go see the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower”  I’ve heard this so often.  One thing I sometimes get peeved about when I’m traveling is people telling me that I just have to go there, have to do this or that.  […]

You can’t miss it.  There on the horizon as you stroll giddily through the streets of Paris.  Up an a large hill overlooking The City of Lights is the imposing white domed Basilica singing at you like a sirens song to come visit.  You think aha! this must be the place of enlightenment on the […]

Perched on a wooded rolling hillside overlooking Paris, the Cemetery Pere Lachaise offers residents and visitors to the city a peaceful, quiet, and visually enthralling oasis within the bustling metropolis. And, it is free of charge! Cobblestone pathways meander through tightly packed marble and granite monuments in memory to faces and lives once lived. The […]

May you have the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year!  Coming soon—new posts of sketches, photos, dialog from my latest travels in Southeastern France! PEACE!       LOVE!      CHIANTI!

Dijon is a name almost everyone has heard before.  Dijon mustard, originated in Dijon, France, and you can’t miss it in the gift shops in Dijon, usually available in varying sizes of jars in about a dozen different flavor variations.  Some shops only sell mustard—row after row of this creamy delight!  What gives Dijon mustard […]

REIMS, FRANCE: Big Church, Art Deco, and Champagne On the map, Reims looks like a tiny, little, unspectacular little speck. I was envisioning a small city full of lots of quaint old buildings surrounding the town cathedral. Not so. Reims (pronounced like prince without the p) is a very clean, and neat, and quiet, medium […]

Having just explored the Burgundy and southern Alsace regions, and some of the small wine villages along the Route du Vin, Strasbourg was a bit of a culture shock. With a population of 276,000, Strasbourg is large, and urban, and crowded. The streets are full with residents, students, tourists, and surprisingly, a lot of rough […]

The Route du Vin (Wine Route) runs for approximately 80 miles (130 km) north-south through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Alsace region in north-eastern France, connecting various picturesque and pleasant wine villages and the vineyards which provides the inhabitants their livelihood.  The Route follows a paved, mostly 2-lane road that winds through […]

  Perfect weather is a perfect reason for a day-trip when you’re in the Alsace.  Although this Spring’s travels have been blessed with numerous cold and rainy days while in Colmar, I finally got a mostly sunny day and warmer temps, so, off I ventured south a few miles to one of the most picturesque […]

Colmar is located in the Alsace region of France which is perched at the north-eastern tip of France on the border with Germany, a region which has over the centuries been fought over many times and been occupied by either France or Germany, giving it a rich history and an environment which is an interesting […]