“You must go there.  You must go to Paris, and you must go see the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower”  I’ve heard this so often.  One thing I sometimes get peeved about when I’m traveling is people telling me that I just have to go there, have to do this or that.  I don’t have to do anything!  This time, however, I must admit, those who forcefully tell me what I must do—are right on!  So, OK, now I am a convert, I will now tell others what they must do.  C’est la vie!

But why? you may ask.  Well, you must go to Paris because it truly is the most beautiful city in Europe.  Because Paris has the best collection of art and museums, the best collection of churches, the best collection of buildings and architecture from ancient to modern.  The shops!  The Seine River!  The food!  The wine!  The sidewalk café’s!  The macaroons!  The parks!  The Parisians!

The Eiffel Tower is the most incredibly wonderful blend of art and architecture and the best views of Paris are from the top.

When you do go, be sure to get your tickets to the Eiffel Tower early.  The best way is to buy them on line at least six months in advance.  If you wait much longer, you won’t have as good a chance to get the day and time of day you want.  Download your tickets to your smart phone and, voila!, you are all set.  Enjoy!

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