A small dog dressed in his best suit greets visitors on the piazza. An old man hangs his head out his window to greet his neighbor in the street below. The narrow cobblestone lanes seem to go on forever with plants in Pompeiian pots that adorn doorways and windowsills while plush vines climb up the […]

Not all of life on the cote d’Azur is centered on the oceanfront with its exquisite wide beaches and quaint and lovely towns full of museums and shops and row after row of cafes and restaurants. Go a few miles or kilometers inland and there lies a number of small appealing hill towns each with […]

Nice, France is a jewel of a city located along the fabulously blue Mediterranean Sea on the Cote d’Azur. This iconic city is famous for its beaches and seaside promenade and its boundless creative energy that comes from its never ending spirit of savourer la vie (savoring life). An expression of this creative energy is […]

The cote d’Azur is one of the most splendid and sumptuous places in France. The crystal clear water reflecting the almost always clear but always magical blue sky has strange powers over one’s psyche. That combined with the sweet sea air, spectacular beaches which make your bare feet smile, and a plethora of splendid villages […]

It was the mid 1950’s in a charming but little known fishing village on the French Riviera coast. The fishermen, as usual, unloaded their daily catch at the harbor where they kept their colorful fishing boats and where they stretched out their nets at the end of the day for maintenance and repair. The local […]

It’s always great to get back to the sea, in this case, the Mediterranean Sea. I love all the cities I visit in Europe, but there’s a lot to be said about the experience in a city by the sea. The vistas. The smells. The boats. The food. There is definitely a special relationship that […]

It is a bright and brisk spring day in tiny L’Arbresle, France, about 30 miles northeast of Lyon, France in the Rhone Valley region.  I just got off a short train ride from Lyon at the train station which looks like a medieval meeting house.  I’m on foot and my route to my destination is […]