It’s always great to get back to the sea, in this case, the Mediterranean Sea. I love all the cities I visit in Europe, but there’s a lot to be said about the experience in a city by the sea. The vistas. The smells. The boats. The food. There is definitely a special relationship that happens between humans and the sea.
Saint Raphael is a small and pleasant coastal town of 34,000 lucky souls tucked in between Cannes and Saint Tropez on the glorious Cote d’Azur of France. This is a good choice to experience this part of the French Riviera without the crowds and exorbitant prices. A small port is stuffed with an interesting and colorful combination of small pleasure boats, sailboats, fishing boats and a good collection of luxury craft. Two wide sand beaches complete the scene. There’s really not much to do here other than fishing, boating, and relaxing on the beach. If that gets too be too much, Saint Tropez is just a short jaunt down the coast!

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