Luckily for me, I have a contact in the tiny little village of Livo, Italy. Judith is a fellow American who has lived in Livo for some 20 years, and who was willing to give me the grand tour. I will cover Livo in all its wonderful attributes and more about Judith in a separate blog titled A Little Slice of Heaven in Italy.
Judith, her full name is Lady Judith Moore-Shahverdian of Lochaber, or Lady J as she likes to be called, teaches English as a second language both online and as an immersion course where students come to live in Livo or nearby for daily lessons. But Lady J does not just stop there. This enthusiastic and highly energetic lady also has started an international charity called Caffè Mici Amici, which raises money to help save, rehabilitate, vaccinate, spay, and find new homes for homeless cats, and will help develop her idea of Cat Cafes, places where people can go to relax, have a drink or snack while enjoying the company of the “resident” cats, many of which would be available for adoption. Additionally, patrons of the Cat Cafe will be encouraged to utilize the cats for their therapeutic qualities, in other words enjoying the company of cats as helpful therapy for both children and adults. Her ultimate goal is to develop a Sir Snowy Cat Sanctuary and Therapy Center where children and adults can go for therapy based on the fact that the presence and interaction with cats can provide a useful therapy for children or adults with special needs such as autism, adults with drug abuse or addiction problems, or even nursing home or Alzheimer’s patients. She promotes her new charity with a series of fun and highly creative videos which you can view by clicking on this link:  http://bit.ly/1rP3De5 These videos were made by Lady J and features her voice as the specially animated cat named Sir Snowy who explains basically what Caffè Mici Amici is all about.  Lady J tells me the videos have gone wild on social media, and are generating a lot of interest from corporate sponsors, but she hopes most of the sponsors and contributors will be just regular folks like you and me.

Here are some more links:

Direct Paypal donation link: http://bit.ly/1Li99NB
Website link: http://bit.ly/1NcIfau

Why does she do all this, I asked: It’s her way of giving back to the world which has been so kind to her and to help kitties, children and adults dreaming of a better life was her response .
So, everyone, please check out this worthy happening, and if you feel so inclined, make a contribution.

Lady J

Lady J

Me and Lady J in Livo, Italy, headquarters of Café Mici Amici

Me and Lady J in Livo, Italy, headquarters of Café Mici Amici

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